Sunday January 21, 2018 we participated in the Tata Mumbai Marathon.

The race was more difficult than we had planned. The departure was given at 5:40 in the morning. 

We ran the first 15 kilometers at night keeping up the pace we had set ourselves. The worries started on the viaduct, our legs began to harden and we were hungry and there were no more supplies at that time! The day was getting up and the heat was already beginning to be felt. It was hard to concentrate, people were crossing the road, dogs were wandering the course, unexpected obstacles had to be avoided. But we held firm.

We ran with the head, for the people who support us and the children we were going to help with the money raised.

Final chrono 04:00, just not below 4am, but 12 minutes better than last March in Barcelona.
Next time, we will cross this barrier.

We warmly thank all those who supported us with their donations.

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